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What we do?

If you are looking for complete automotive detailing services or a professional engine detail, our company is ready to meet all your needs. We also provide tire cleaning and alloys/break callipers re-paint, auto-waxing, ceramic coating protection and car odour removal services. See a full list below.

Cezar Car Exterior Detail

Exterior Detail

Auto detailing it isn't just a simple clean up of your car, in fact it is far more than that. It is a thorough and deep cleaning process. We cover everything from cleaning tires to cleaning the roof top.

Cezar Car Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

A lot of car owners want their vehicles to look like it just came out of the showroom, and when they are searching for options, they will inevitably encounter something called Ceramic Coating.

Cezar Car detailing - Machine Polishing Bicester

Machine Polishing

To make a car's finish to look amazing there are a couple of things that can be performed. Buffing or polishing the vehicle allows us to take away or remove a number of defects such as small scratches, etching and oxidation.This boosts a car shine and prepare for protection.

Signature Detailing packages bicester

Cezar Signature Detail

We know how difficult it can be to make important decisions sometimes, so we have put some packages together to make it easy for you. We do however treat every single vehicle as our own and you can rest assured that your vehicle it is in very good hands and will receive a very special treatment.

New Car Detailing Packages Cezar Car Bicester

New Car Detail

You would think that brand new vehicles doesn't need to be detailed but that's entirely wrong. Unfortunately buying a brand new car doesn't necessarily mean it is completely defect free or protected.

Interior Detailing Bicester

Interior Detailing

An interior detail is just as important as the Exterior detail. Professional detailers make the interior look as it has arrived from the manufacture. Plus taking expert care of your vehicle's inside will keep its resale or trade-in value high.

Cezar Car Valeting Services Bicester

Valeting services

The process of giving the vehicle a quick clean look. This can either be a quick wash and wax, or a treatment with special products that adds gloss for a short period of time. It is not aimed at quality, durability or perfection, but aims at the best ratio between time and result.

Alloys and Brake Calliper Ceramic Coating Bicester

Alloys & Brake calliper Ceramic Coating

ZQ5 Quartz Rims Coating from Zirconite it has been specially made to offer extreme protection for the winter season. This nano ceramic glass coating it keeps Wheels secure when salt build up can create long lasting damage.

Headlights Restoration - Bicester - Oxfordshire

Headlights Restoration

Professional Headlights or tail lights restoration is more than a cosmetic issue, clouded lenses it is a serious threat to safety. Restoration can return headlights to like new condition opposed to buying new ones.


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