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Exterior detailing

Exterior Detail - Guide

Right, let's introduce you to another level of washing your car. In this guide you will find all the information you need to fully understand:

  • What is this all about ?

  • Why is Exterior detailing important ?

  • How we do it?

  • What is our recommendation ?

  • How much it costs?

Exterior Detailing service: 

  • Exterior Detailing ( also known as prep stage)

  • Pre- Wash with Snow foam and TFR 

  • Contact Wash ( the 2 bucket method) using dedicated PH natural shampoo.

  • Chemical decontamination using Iron chemical to destroy the environmental fall out. (It removes the dirt which regular wash can not remove, like iron deposits, tar, paint overspray, concrete splatter or sap)

  • Clay Bar decontamination

  • Rinse well and Dry fast method using soft towels and air line 

  • Wheel and Wheel arches cleaned and decontaminated

  • Exterior dressing and tyre dressing

  • Windows Cleaned

  • Finish with Bead Magik paint sealant with UV protection and water repellent properties (up to 6 months protection) 

  • 1h service 

First thing first, it is the utmost of importance that you understand that this is not just a simple process of cleaning your vehicle. In fact it is far more than that. Detailers will go above and beyond to make sure your vehicle is not only super clean but also they will make sure it never looked better, not even when you first bought it. Funny I say that, check our New Car Detailing for more info on this. But let's go back to what we were talking about. At Cezar Car Detailing we treat every automobile as it's our own, so that being said, your vehicle it's going to receive a very special treatment ( imagine Spa, but for cars).

So what is this all about and why shall I go for it?

Getting and Exterior Detail (or any detailing service really) it is a very wise decision and there are multiple reasons for saying that:

  • The main reason is to protect your investment. By take it to a cheap automatic car wash you don't save you waste. I'll explain why: As much as they are convenient, automatic car washes are abrading your paint work because the brushes are not properly maintained, they are getting dirty and just imagine your car is getting washed with a dirty mop. Some car washes are worse than others, any time you wash your car you are applying an abrasive and/or harsh chemical to the paint finish and the risk of swirls and scratches is there. So in the long run, you're better off if you take your vehicle to a detailer instead and preserve the vehicle original appearance. 

  • It maintains the paint work. When exposed to sun, dirt, moisture, grime, daily use and other contaminants, the clear coat of your car damages and the paint underneath the clear coat will get badly affected.

  • It retains its Resale value. It makes logic sense that if you're looking after your vehicle properly, the buyers (when it comes to that) will be looking to get your car oppose to others not so good looking.

  • Another good reason to get a detailing is because it Expands the life span of your vehicle. A proper car detailing will help the vehicle depreciate at least rate

Cezar Exterior Detailing

How we do it? The road map

Unlike a simple car wash, the detailing it's so much more time consuming. There are similarities between the two but detailing goes much deeper. Your vehicle will undergo a number of stages to get to the bottom line. Please see our process below:

1. We will start with the wheels and tyres (pretty much every detailer will do so) - Pre-rinse with washer pressure, apply the degreaser, use a tyre brush and work that degreaser into the tyre and power wash.

2. Pre-wash: We are now moving to the top, giving attention to the vehicle surfaces. This will be our second step where we Snow foam the entire car, we leave it to dwell then rinse very well.

3. Focusing next on cleaning the surfaces with the two bucket method. In detailing we are using a special PH neutral shampoo with no waxes or additives. 

4. Decontamination process - decontaminate the surfaces of the car using an iron decontamination product to destroy environmental fall out. This process is also known as the Clay bar process.

5. Rinse well and fast Dry with a soft towel to eliminate spots and streaks.

6. Dressing the exterior 

Add on (optional) : Wax/ Paint Sealant or Ceramic Coating

For Exterior Detail only please see our Price list or use our Cost Calculator 

Our Recommendation:

If you want your car to really stand out and shine, or give it the "like new look" then we recommend at least one stage of machine polishing and apply a Paint Protection, such as Wax/ Paint Sealant or Ceramic Coating. 

Depending on the level of detail required, engine bays may also be worked on. Making the perfect finishing touch.

We are offering a special Full Detailing Package tailored to you needs. Have a look at Cezar Car signature Packages.

Wonder how much would cost ?

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